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Hello. My name is Chris Hancock. My nickname is Toph, which is short for Topher, which itself is the less common shortening of Christopher. This website is, obviously, Originally I would have preferred to have, but it was not available. Now I actually prefer it is sort of an abstract concept compared to As for the i, I am a big Apple fan, and the i is an homage iMac and iPod. is also my domain, and it also points here.

Have a Shipping Disaster?

Because of the phonetic similarities gets a fair amount of traffic intended for They describe themselves as a group that knows how to deal with spills of oil and other substances from ships.

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My Timeline


May 18I have created a Blog. I not exactly sure what I'll do with it. We'll see!
May 16My playoff seeding idea has spread to The Basketball Jones. My blurb starts 12 minutes into the episode.
May 8Henry Abbott posted one of my ideas on his TrueHoop blog today. I am "TrueHoop reader Chris."
April 28Amy and I returned from a vacation in Tahoe. Here are Our Pictures. Favorite Placerville wineries: Boeger, Perry Creek, and Fitzpatrick. Two stores in Virginia City: Fudge and Soup.
February 25Amy and I have filled out much of our family tree info at Geni. Between us we have over 80 relatives. If you are in our family we'll be happy to give you access to see the tree.
February 5My first day at RCS, as "Datawarehouse and Database Manager."
February 2After 10 good years, my last day at Revere. I'm still a big fan, and would encourage anyone to consider them for a career or consulting services. Feel free to e-mail me for details.
January 22Amy and I returned from a volleyball vacation in Ixtapa, Mexico.
January 1Amy has a new cell phone plan and number. If you ask nicely I might tell you about them.


December 7I saw Scottie Pippen (and a sweet Bentley) at a Starbucks in the same building I'm working in, here.
November 1I finished Red Mars by Kim Stanley Robinson
October 30Amy and I, and Sam and Pat, return from our Western Caribbean Cruise.
April 7I finished Humans and Hybrids by Robert Sawyer. Hominids was the best.


NovemberI read a couple of books that I really liked. Hominids by Robert Sawyer and Startide Rising and The Uplift War by David Brin.
November 5Amy and I return from our Mexican Riviera Cruise.
SeptemberAmy and I joined Netflix. We would be happy to set you up as a Netflix friend (assuming we actually know you).
June 5I return from USAV Nationals in Denver.
May 19Amy and I return from our trip to Paris.
May 1Amy and I return from visting Mark and Nancy.


December 4Amy and I return from our trip to Italy.


December 6Amy and I return from our trip to London (all pics, just favorites).
September 5Amy and I went to the Dells. Black Bart's was ok. Treasure Island and Paul Bunyan's were good.
August 15Amy and I went to a Cub's game for my Birthday.
July 19My parents visited Chicago, and we went on a River Cruise.
July 18Bulls News Network is launched. It has since expried.
July 4Amy and I spent July 4th at her Dad's Kentucky condo.
June 8Amy and I returned from a mini vacation in Hilton Head.
May 26Dave, Natalie, Amy and I returned from a camping trip in Wisconsin.
March 2Dave, Matt, and I returned from a ski trip in Banff, Canada.
February 23I got my new iPod from Apple. I loaded 3,743 songs, about 15 GB, in 38 minutes - 6.7 MB / sec.
February 13I had a small mole removed from my stomach/chest. It seemed to go well. Stitches come out in 2 weeks.
February 9Amy and I returned from a mini-vacation in Florida.


December 15Amy and I got back from our cruise.
November 30Amy and I went to my 10 Year High School Reunion at Eagle Vale in Fairport.
November 28Amy and I went to Thanksgiving at my parents place in Fairport, New York.
October 13Amy and I went to a Bulls game on Friday, and a Blackhawks game on Sunday.
August 23Amy and I went to an Apple event. I bought a 20 GB iPod and OS X 10.2.
April 17I am healthy.
February 21Amy and I returned from a mini-vacation in Florida.


October 6Amy and I went to John and Michelle's wedding in Chicago.
October 27Amy and I returned from our Carribbean cruise.
October 6Amy and I went to Kevin and Joan's wedding in Peoria.
August 25Amy and I went to my Uncle Jared's wedding in upstate New York.
August 15I returned from a family vacation in North Carolina.
June 30Amy's Maid of Honor Rachel married Eric Hardin.
MayI started using the Dvorak keyboard layout - info, picture - my Mac OS X Dvorak page.
February 27Amy and I returned from a four day mini vacation in Florida.
February 21I returned from a three day ski vacation in Colorado.


November 29I registered It is hosted at ($10 one time fee to mirror I registered it at ($15/1 yr).
October 16Amy and I returned from our mini vacation to San Francisco.
October went live. It is hosted at ($5.95/mo). I registered it at ($30/2 yrs).
August 13Amy and I returned from our weekend in New York City.
July 30Amy and I returned from our weekend in Montreal.
April 8Amy and I returned from our honeymoon.
March 25Amy and I were married - pictures, info page.


October 21, 1999Amy and I closed on, and moved into, our townhouse.
September 4, 1998I proposed to Amy.
August 23, 1998Amy and I got our cat, Enya.
January 20, 1997I started working at The Revere Group.
December, 1996I graduated from the University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana.
June 9, 1995I went on my first date with Amy Richardson.
January, 1993I joined Alpha-Alpha Chapter (Alumni) of Alpha Phi Omega.
September, 1992I joined Phi Chapter (Alumni) of Sigma Pi.
June, 1992I graduated from Fairport High School.
August 15, 1974I was born in Ithaca, New York.

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